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6 Precautions You Should Take While Using the Staircase

by Numan

Among the common domestic accidents are slips and falls. Although they rarely have serious consequences, some may require quick medical attention. This affects the harmony within a home.

People often use staircases to access higher places. They are common walking surfaces. There have been records of injuries from the use of staircases. Including a few deaths. Why is that? The lack of proper safety measures was neglected. Again, when the right safety precautions are not properly maintained while using the staircase, accidents may occur. This article discusses some key safety measures for using the staircase. Read on. 

Tips for Proper Use of the Staircase 

There are several things to pay attention to while using the staircase. Below are six tips for you. 

Visibility is vital

Staircases need enough lighting. Users need to see every step. You can’t afford to compromise on the lighting system in your home if you have elderly or young people around. Better visibility is key for safety!

The elderly will have difficulties with low lighting. They won’t be able to see the steps. To fix this, matte finishes and angular lighting are perfect on the steps. They help to prevent any glaring effects. Another good option is products with stainless steel casting, for enhancing stronger accessories.

Remove tripping hazards

Tripping hazards may be present on your staircases for different reasons. Many people do keep different things around staircases. 

How to be mindful of furniture close to the landings. To make the pathways free, they need to be rearranged. Also, electrical cords should be pinned if they are unplugged. Get them out of the way.

Furthermore, refrain from storing stuff on your stairs-permanently or temporarily. To reduce the risk of falls, limit the number of decorations around your stairs.

Go for a strong handrail

Your handrail should be sturdy. It also needs to be properly installed. This is important for the sake of safety. A home without a handrail needs one as soon as possible. Install it if you don’t have one. The function of a strong handrail cannot be overstated. In the event of any slip, you will need to hold on and maintain balance. 

Proper use and maintenance

Lack of proper maintenance is the cause of lots of accidents on staircases. Poor use and non-attention also cause accidents. The stair treads must always be in good condition and clean. 

With time, handrails become rusted. Fix them when you notice this. Injuries and accidents may occur if neglected.

Also, if you have little ones around your home, child safety gates may be useful. Put them at the bottom and top of the staircase. With these gates in place, kids won’t be able to access them in your absence.

Choose an anti-slip surface

This alone will solve many kinds of accidents. It’s better to use slip-resistant materials for your staircase. This is safer for many people, especially the elderly and kids. Also, include anti-slip products for stair treads to reduce the risk of slipping. 

Rubber is commonly used for the leading edge of tires. It is a good choice as it prevents incidents relating to slips. Again, slip-resistant paints are now available. They are effective for staircases. To enhance the support system, use stainless steel casting products. 

Every step should be similar

Following the same steps repeatedly until the plain surface is reached is what most people are used to. Regardless of what your stairs are made of (wood, iron, or concrete), make sure they all look similar. Also, remember to install materials that are slip-resistant on the stairs. The steps should be even, not taller or shorter than others. Failure to pay attention to this may lead to several accidents or injuries. Your steps must be the same size. To enhance the safety measure of the staircase, stainless steel glass spigots are very efficient.


Many falls and slips on staircases today can be avoided. Certain precautions must be in place to prevent these accidents. You need to acknowledge that using the stairs is risky. 

The tips offered above will help you keep your staircase in good shape as well as put an end to serious injuries and falls in your home. Don’t forget, always have enough lighting. And use anti-slip materials. Finally, if have a person with disability, you may need wheelchair lift.

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