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Demon Slayer PFP

Demon Slayer PFP: Best Demon Slayer Profile Pictures

by Numan

The casting of Miyano Mamoru as Doma is perfect, and it’s no wonder fans are trending given that Demon Slayer PFP fans have been guessing him for months if not years. We just have to wait a bit for more information about the character!

Some of the best Demon Slayer profile pictures, featuring Tanjiro Kamado and his allies!

Demon Slayer Profile Pictures

Demon Slayer Profile Pictures

  • Demon Slayer PFP #1: Tanjiro Kamado
  • Demon Slayer PFP #2: Zenitsu Agatsuma
  • Demon Slayer Corps PFP #1 (Female)
  • Demon Slayer Corps PFP #2 (Male)

Kimetsu no Yaiba PFP

Kimetsu no Yaiba is a manga series by Koyoharu Gotouge. The story follows Tanjiro Kamado, who, after being abandoned by his parents as a child, was raised in the mountains by a demon. As an adult, he becomes more powerful than any other human or demon and becomes known as “Kimetsu no Yaiba” (Blood-Sucking Sword). He must now fight demons that threaten the world.

This series has been adapted into an anime series that premiered in 2019 on Netflix Japan. The show stars Daichi Miura as Tanjiro Kamado/Kimetsu no Yaiba and Yu Hayami as Yakumo Amori/Yukina Hitomi

Tanjiro Kamado PFP

  • Tanjiro Kamado is the main character of the series.
  • Tanjiro is a demon slayer who is a member of the demon slayer corps.
  • Tanjiro is a demon slayer prodigy, being able to slay demons before he even graduated from high school. He was also taught by his grandfather how to use various weapons and techniques from different kinds of cultures such as Japanese kenjutsu, Indian karategi, Indonesian Pencak silat, Taiwan taiji Quan and Korean hanbok martial arts. As well as able to use poison without having any resistance against it due to training with poisonous insects when he was younger so that he could kill demons without killing human beings at all costs while maintaining his sanity while fighting alongside them during battle situations

Zenitsu Agatsuma PFP

Zenitsu Agatsuma is a member of the Demon Slayer Corps and Tanjiro’s rival. He is also very strong, and loyal to his friends and family. Zenitsu has many good qualities that make him an excellent friend for you to have.

Zenitsu: Profile Picture (PFP)

Zenitsu Agatsuma has been a member of the Demon Slayer Corps for many years now, but he still loves making new friends!

Inosuke Hashibira PFP

Inosuke Hashibira PFP

Inosuke is a demon slayer who is a member of the Demon Slayers Corps and the younger brother of Zenitsu. He is the son of Zenitsu and Nezuko, and the younger brother of Zenitsu and Nezuko.

Nezuko Kamado PFP

Nezuko Kamado is a character from the manga and anime series, Kimetsu no Yaiba. She is a young girl who was born with the ability to see demons. When her mother died, she became depressed and stopped eating food; that’s when her father turned evil and tried to kill her with his demonic powers. Luckily, Tanjiro saved Nezuko, who then vowed to become stronger so that she can protect her home from future harm.

Nezuko’s PFPs are suitable for both casual as well as formal occasions because of their cute appearance along with their vibrant colours.

Giyuu Tomioka PFP

Giyuu Tomioka is a member of the Demon Slayer Corps and the brother of Nezuko Kamado. He is also the son of Zenitsu Agatsuma, who was one of three original members to form the Demon Slayer Corps.

His PFP can be obtained from completing Chapter 2, which unlocks after you clear Chapter 1 with an S rank.

Tanjirou and Nezuko Kamado PFP

In the Demon Slayer PFP, Tanjirou and Nezuko are close.

Tanjirou is the father of Nezuko Kamado. He is also the second husband of Zenitsu Kamado, who is a demon slayer as well.

Nezuko herself is an aspiring demon slayer, but she has a tendency to get into trouble sometimes. She doesn’t have any powers yet, but it’s only a matter of time before she starts training her abilities with her father or stepmother.

Zenitsu and Inosuke PFPs

Zenitsu and Inosuke are brothers, who both belong to the same family. They are both demon slayers, but their jobs differ slightly. Zenitsu is a demon slayer corps member while Inosuke is a full-time demon slayer. Despite these differences in career paths, they have a very strong bond with each other and are happy to be working together.

Hashira Profile Pictures (Demon Slayers)

Hashira Profile Pictures (Demon Slayers)

Hashira is the name of the Demon Slayer Corps Leader. Hashira is also the name of the Demon Slayer Corps Second In Command. At one point, Hashira was also referred to as both “The Third” and “The Third in Command.”

Demon Slayer Corps Profile Pictures (Tanjiro)

It’s also worth noting that you can use any of the images on this page as your Demon Slayer Corps Profile Pictures by clicking on them and saving them to your computer.

  • Tanjiro Kamado PFP: Taken from a promo poster for season 3 of the anime, this image shows us Tanjiro in full demon slaying gear with his trademark red scarf blowing in the wind, ready to take on an army of demons all by himself! If you like this image, download it from here and use it as your Demon Slayer Corps Profile Picture.
  • Tanjiro and Nezuko PFP: This is one of my favorite photos because it captures such a cute moment between two main characters who have been friends since they were children. This photo was taken during their childhoods when they had gone camping together. They look so happy here! If you want to use this photo as your Demon Slayer Corps Profile Picture, download it here!
  • Tanjiro and Zenitsu PFP: In Season 2 Episode 5 (“The Day Is Coming”), we see how close these two are when they share some quiet time together while Zenitsu cooks dinner for everyone else at headquarters after they return home from their mission in episode 4 (“Fight For The Future”). It shows how much trust these two have built up over time working together—so don’t forget about him when choosing what type of profile picture suits you best! Download this image here if nothing else caught your eye yet because nothing says friendship quite like having meals together every day!

Demon Slayer pfps for you to use!

The Demon Slayer is a hero who fights demons and other evil beings. The Demon Slayer’s primary weapon is a sword, with which they can cut through demons and their magic at a molecular level. They are also equipped with a shield to protect them from harm, as well as the ability to cast spells that can increase their speed and strength while decreasing the powers of their enemies. In addition to all of this, they’re an expert in martial arts, including kickboxing and karate!


I hope you enjoyed this article, and I’m sure the pfps will help you in your quest to find the perfect demon slayer profile picture!

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