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How Does Videotape Wall Technology Work?

by Numan

Videotape walls have come to a dominant point in numerous businesses, diligence, and entertainment settings in the last many times, substantially due to their versatility. But how do videotape walls work? Does it all just be by accident? If you’re not sure of the answer to either of those questions, you’ve come to the right place.

At DEXON Systems, we ensure that our guests understand all aspects of the products they’re interested in before they invest. So, we’ve collected this in-depth companion to videotape wall technology.

Moment, we’ll bandy what videotape wall technology is, where we use it, what outfit goes into its operation and how they all work, and some of its numerous benefits.
Let’s go!

What’s a Videotape Wall?

Let’s first bandy what a videotape wall is. A videotape wall is a collection of observers used as a coherent wall used to display one or multiple coherent images. There are generally three types of videotape walls notorious within the AV assiduity.

These are TV panels, hinder- projected cell- grounded walls, and LED walls. These walls can vary in size, versatility, quality, and price, depending on the type. videotape walls generally come in sizes 2 × 2, 4 × 4, 6 ×,4 × 2, and over to 144 × 72.

Depending on the use, you can use videotape walls to sluice images and footage across one large screen or use them to convey multiple particles of information. This is done by segregating observers to display specific input signals. With the help of regulators, processors, and modular matrix routers, druggies have total control over their videotape wall experience.

Where Do We Use Videotape Walls?

One of the stylish corridors about videotape walls is that there’s no set terrain for druggies to emplace them. There are several settings where videotape walls are wholly salutary. Suppose you’re a business proprietor, for illustration.

In that case, you can use a videotape wall to ameliorate your communication and information distribution, allowing you to produce one unified space for important advertising dwindling the impact of miscommunication or report.

Alternately, you can use videotape walls for demanding AV systems similar to control apartments in exigency settings, surveillance, transport, and policing surroundings that bear24/7 operation with flawless information distribution.

Still, the openings to use videotape walls are authentically measureless; then are some other places you can use videotape walls.

What Outfit Goes Into Videotape Wall Operation, And How Do They Work?

So how exactly does videotape wall technology work? It isn’t an accident, and there clearly is a lot of complex and sophisticated technology behind videotape wall operation. Don’t worry; we’ve clarified some of the technology behind videotape walls, so you know rigorously what to look for when visiting our product family at DEXON. Then are three technologies behind videotape wall operation;

Videotape Wall Processors

Videotape wall processors are a kind of control box that processes input signals and translates them to displayable content for your videotape wall — these work by transporting signals from several sources similar to media players and satellites via an HDMI string.

With this control box, druggies can perform several functions similar to mapping content, spanning up and down, and perfecting

Resolution. These are a must-have for any demanding videotape wall design!

Videotape wall regulators

Like processors, videotape wall regulators are computer lattices able of recycling multiple input and affair signals. This regulator processes signals from HDMI, DVI, SDI, and videotape sources, allowing it to display different content.

Druggies can again perform several tasks with a videotape wall regulator, similar as managing layout, running a videotape wall locally, or via a remote network after installing DXWallControl on a PC with Windows 10 and overlay windows. videotape wall regulators allow druggies to simply drag and drop their content onto the masked examiner.

Matrix switchers

Matrix switchers are each- by one processor that allows druggies to seamlessly switch from one input signal to another with total ease. Suitable for any size AV design, matrix switchers enable functions similar to signal scaling, frame rate conversion, affair cropping, and On-screen display. One of the stylish corridors of this technology is that it performs all of these tasks from a single box, so you don’t need to worry about cluttering up your workspace. druggies can again run locally and ever, taking the help of a web-grounded cybersurfer and plates stoner interface.

What are the benefits of videotape walls?

In case you’re not entirely vended on the idea of a videotape wall just yet, we’ve explained some benefits of videotape wall technology and how they can be profitable to you and your business;


Perfecting a company profile is a noway – ending battle for a successful business, so what better way to do it than by placing yourself in the van of information technology? With an emotional videotape wall setup, you’ll appear one- a step ahead of your challengers and prove to implicit business mates and investors that you take communication seriously.

More Communication

Communication is pivotal in a workspace, but we all know that it occasionally doesn’t come fluently and can indeed get in the way of our productivity. This is generally miscommunication, dispatches getting lost in the restatement, and adverts
coming from multiple sources.

With a videotape wall, druggies can have further control over their communication strategy by having one clear and terse system of conveying information. videotape walls offer all the information distribution you need from one source, meaning that everyone receives exactly the same information in the same format. Gone are the days of hearing through the conduit!

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